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I get it. I was on that fence once too.

I used to think that face to face therapy was best. Then 2020 happened and I had to adapt to provide therapy safely to my clients. I've invested in high quality technology to provide the most premium virtual therapy experience possible. Here’s what I've learned: virtual therapy is wonderful! My clients are very happy with it too and here’s why:

  • It’s comfortable! You can log onto your therapy session from the comfort of wherever you are! You can cuddle up in your favorite chair (or couch, or bed!) with your favorite mug of tea, your pet can snooze at your feet, and you don’t even have to put your shoes on to go outside!

  • It’s more accessible! Many college students travel and move around frequently. Visits home, holiday travel, internships, visiting faraway friends, moving within the state, etc. Virtual therapy means access to your established therapist wherever you go! As long as you’re in the State of Michigan we can meet!

  • It’s convenient! Our weather in Michigan can make travel quite dangerous at times. My clients love not having to travel through snowstorms or bad weather to make their appointments. You won’t have to worry about finding or paying for parking near my office. Simply log on and you’ve arrived!

  • It’s flexible! College students have busy schedules and are often rushing from one thing to the next. Not having a commute to get to therapy means more time for the other things on your plate.

  • It’s discreet! Concerned about someone seeing you walk in/out of a therapist’s office? That’s not an issue with virtual therapy!

You might be worried about privacy. If you have concerns about having a private space to conduct your virtual session, please contact me; I have a whole list of ideas and would be happy to help you identify a private location that feels right for you.

You might also be worried that it will feel awkward. I get that too. Here’s my honest answer: therapy is awkward at first (even in person). You’re meeting with someone new and sharing details about your life with them. Here’s where I ask you to trust me. It’s my job to help make you as comfortable as possible. I have worked very hard to create a virtual space that feels comfortable and safe. Nearly all of my clients have shared that after the first session or two they found virtual therapy to feel very enjoyable, and I’m confident that you will feel that way too!

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