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A young woman who looks like a college student sits in her bed wrapped in a blanket looking at a computer. She appears to be in a dorm room. This image is intended to represent college students seeking virtual therapy to support their mental health.

Anxiety | Self-Esteem | Eating Disorders


I help college students and young adults who struggle with anxiety, and/or disordered eating and body image concerns.

My clients struggle like you do. Despite being helpers with big hearts who pour into others, life feels hard.

When they first reach out to me, they are tired of feeling anxious. They often say that they sometimes aren’t even sure if they really need therapy because they are getting by in life. Their professors, classmates, and friends all think that they are okay, but inside they feel overwhelmed, stressed, and self-conscious.

They are often up at night replaying interactions with others, running through all their worries, and stressing about their to-do lists. Often, they feel a like a fraud; like they somehow managed to trick their way to where they’re at in life and worry that they aren’t capable of the dreams for their future.

They wish they could open up to others easier and introduce themselves to new people. They often worry about what other people are thinking and care a lot about the feelings of those around them. They are really good at taking care of others yet struggle to put themselves first. My clients tend to identify as anxious perfectionists.

Their anxiety gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t fully the kind of student they want to be. They feel like they are failing at juggling everything that’s on their plate. They feel drained in their relationships.

Their confidence in their ability to take on new jobs and opportunities is tanking. 

College student looks at her phone while smiling. She sits at a desk with a laptop, books, and flowers. This image represents how mental health counseling can help students feel happier, deal with stress, improve impostor syndrome, feel successful, and improve relationships. Sarah Santiago provides therapy to college and university students in Michigan.

Like my clients, you deserve to feel capable of accomplishing your future goals.

You deserve to feel happy, self-assured, and worthy.

You deserve to live each day knowing that you’re good enough.

If you want to bloom into your most confident self, I’d love to help you get there.

Your problems aren’t too small for therapy; I can help! Contact me today and let's get started!

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